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History of Art and Architecture Resources

Reading the News

Adrian van Ostade. Reading the News at the Weaver's Cottage. 1673. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Luna Insight collection.

Lady Hamilton

George Romney. Lady Hamilton as Serena Reading the Newspaper. 1791. Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Luna Insight collection.

Morning News

Helen Maria Turner. Morning News. 1915. Jersey City Museum. Luna Insight collection.

Petite Bourse

H. Meyer. Petite Bourse du Boulevard des Italiens. engraving, 19th century. Luna Insight collection.

Historical Periodicals

See also subject guide: Images: Finding and Using for sections on fashion and historical materials.

Eastman Johnson. The Brown Family. 1869. National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Luna Insight collection.

Historical American Newspapers: General

Everett Shinn. Park Row, Morning Papers. ca. 1900. Private Collection. Luna Insight collection.

Historical American Newspapers: Ethnic Press

Note: Additional ethnic communites are represented in Chronicling America. Go to the main guide and search by Ethnicity to find them.

Providence Journal

Historical Newspapers: International

Anonymous French. Reading the Newspapers. engraving, 1815. Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection.

Other Primary Sources