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Clinical resources

UpToDate is no longer available through the Brown University Library as of July 31, 2018. Medical students and clinical faculty with hospital privileges will be able to access UtD via the appropriate hospital intranet. More information is available at "Change in Access to UpToDate."

If you only have...

<5 Minutes:

DynaMed Plus: clinical summaries
Harrison's: background info
PubMed Health: reviews of clinical effectiveness research
Cochrane: systematic reviews
Clinical Pharmacology: drug info
Epocrates: drug info

5 - 30 Minutes:

PubMed Systematic Reviews & Clinical Queries:filtered searches
TRIP:searches multiple EBM resources clinical guidelines
eMedicine:background info
ClinicalKey:1000+ medical textbooks
AccessMedicine:40+ medical textbooks

30 - 60 Minutes:

Google Scholar
Web of Science: cited references

Brown University Medical Connections
Complete listing of health sciences resources from the Brown Library


Print and eBooks

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