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Visual Art Resources

General Resources


Landshut, Germany. Altstadt. 15th-16th centuries. Photo by Karen Bouchard. Luna Collection.

Architecture Resources


Seaside. 2004. Planners Robert Davis, Andres Duany, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. Photo by Karen Bouchard. Luna Collection.

Ancient Art & Archaeology


Puerco Pueblo Petroglyphs, Petrified Forest, Arizona. Photo by Karen Bouchard. Luna Collection.


Medieval and Renaissance Resources


Sankt Johannes Kirke, Sønderby, Denmark. 1615. Photo by Karen Bouchard. Luna Collection.

Global Art & Architecture Resources


Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco. Photo by Dietrich Neumann. Luna Collection.

For additional resources see also the East Asian Studies Resource Guide , the South Asian Studies Resource Guide, and the Africana Studies Resource Guide.


RISD Resources

Note: Members of the Brown community must go to the Rhode Island School of Design Library in order to access licensed resources. They are not accessible to non-RISD patrons from off campus.

For RISD Image databases, please see the Images tab of this guide.

Pierfrancesco Alberti after Raphael. A Painter's Academy in Rome. Engraving, ca. 1600. Luna Collection.

Additional Resources


Enea Vico. The Academy of Baccio Bandinelli. Engraving, 1561-1562. Luna Collection.