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Grant Finding: Library Services and Support

This guide provides information about various products and services supported by BUL for grant finding. Special focus is given to Pivot/CoS.


To make the most of Pivot Funding Opps,


1. Do log into your account at the beginning of each session, so that you can use the personalized features.

2. Do track records that are of interest to you, and use tags to organize your tracked records.

3. Do use search techniques such a phrase searching, truncated searching, and proximity searching.

4. Do use the Search Wizard if you’d like some guidance in setting up a complex search.

5. Do use Citation Manager to view multiple records at the same time.

6. Do sort your search results in the matter that best suits your needs—by relevance, sponsor, deadline, or amount.

7. Do use the faceted searching to refine your search results with a single click.

8. Do move your mouse over your search results to get more info about each record without having to click into each record.

9. Do share Tracked Records or Saved Searches with current or potential collaborators.

10. Do tell your friends, colleagues and research officers about the successes you have with Pivot!



To avoid common mistakes,


1. Don’t think that COS is only for scientists. It is entirely multidisciplinary.

2. Don’t think that you know about all of the funding in your field. You might know about most of it, but not all.

3. Don’t always set up your searches based on discipline or area of study. Run searches based on demographics, as well.

4. Don’t think that you will remember how to construct a search that you are satisfied with. Save it! You may save an unlimited number of searches into your account.

5. Don’t think that you need to be on campus to access Pivot. Register for a username and password, and then log in to Pivot for access from anywhere.

6. Don’t think there is nowhere to go if you need help. Members of the Research and Outreach Services Department of the University Library can assist you.

7. Don’t forget that there are additional search fields available at the bottom of the Advanced Search form.

8. Don’t overlook sponsors from other countries. Many sponsors fund work for projects all over the world.

9. Don’t overlook the Internal Coordination Required tag.

10. Don’t forget that you may access your weekly Pivot Funding Alert results online, if you prefer not to receive automatic email alerts.