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Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences

Citation Managers

Citation managers are software tools that allow you to:

  • Create and maintain a personal research database
  • Download citations from online databases
  • Format citations and bibliographies in papers
  • Share your references with others

Need help choosing a citation manager?  Check out comparison charts on Wikipedia or from the University of North Carolina Health Sciences Library.

Brown University Library support and provide training for the following programs:

Publishing Resources

Citation Styles

Citation styles are established rules and conventions for documenting sources in a research paper, or other work.  There are thousands of different citation styles.  General resources for citation styles are listed below.  Resources for three commonly used styles: the American Psychological Association (APA), Chicago, and Modern Language Association (MLA), are listed in the boxes below.

Citation Styles: American Psychological Association (APA)

Citation Styles: Chicago

Citation Styles: Modern Language Association (MLA)