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Literary Arts

Lowell Offering

Misses Curtis & Farley. Lowell Offering. 1845. Luna Collection.

Birthday Offering

Sandford Card Company. A Birthday Offering. 1911. Harris Collection.

De Politia Litteraria

Angelo Decembrio. De Politia Litteraria. Frontis. 1540. Luna Collection.

Song of All Creation

Paul Elder & Company. And I, too, Sing the Song of All Creation. 1908. Harris Collection.

April Fool

Francis Seymour Donaldson. April Fool. 1909. Harris Collection.

Rhetorical Gesture


Johann Engel. Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical Gesture and Action. 1822. Luna Collection.

Guillaume-Thomas Raynal

N. Launay after C. Cochin: Guillaume-Thomas Raynal. 1780. Luna Collection.

Answer to the Looking Glass

Leonard Deming. Answer to the New Looking Glass. ca. 1829-1931. Harris Collection.

La Petite Bourse

H. Meyer. La Petite Bourse du Boulevard des Italiens. 19th century. Luna Collection.

Seyd Moustafa Pacha

André Dutert. Description de l'Egypte: Seyd Moustafa Pacha. 1809-1828. Luna Collection.

The Awakening

H. L. Bovenizer. The Awakening. 1911. Harris Collection.

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