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History of France


Les Français peints par eux-mêmes. Paris: Curmer, 1840-42.

Description of the John Hay Collections

The French Studies collections cut across a wide range of named and signature collections, with substantial holdings in literature and cultural history ranging from the early modern period to the 20th century.  To read more, click on the document below.

Brown Web sites

Paris, Capital of the 19th Century 

The web site is designed to give students and faculty a visual tool to complement their study of history, art and literature of Paris in the 19th century. The multi-disciplinary approach of this web site serves as a discovery tool to the many illustrated works, prints and caricatures in the collections. Representations of key events of the Revolutions of 1838, 1848 or 1871, and images of Baron Haussmann’s urban development are two examples of ways in which the site supports the exploration of this time period. Among the notable titles are some “physiologie” works and particularly an edition of Les Français peints par eux-mêmes, a serial “panoramic” work published between 1840 and 1842 in which various literary authors offer descriptions of French society characters, accompanied by fine and sometimes elaborate lithographic illustrations.

Baudelaire and the arts : An Exhibition in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Les Fleurs du mal

Guide to the Dreyfus Affair periodicals collection, 1891-1906 : Collection of illustrations and cartoons of the events surrounding the trials and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus and Émile Zola's involvement in his cause.

Emile Zola and Henry Ceard correspondence:1864-1921 : Finding aid


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Internet Resources

French political pamphlets The collection of French Political Pamphlets in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections at Brigham Young University features more than 2,100 pamphlets published between 1547 and 1626.

French revolutionary pamphlets at the University of Alabama Pamphlets from the W.S. Hoole Special Collections Library's Rare Books Collection.

French revolutionary pamphlets at the University of Florida Pamphlets from the Special Collections at the Smathers Library at the University of Florida.

Gazettes européennes au 18ème siècle European press of the 18th century.

Presse regionale illustree au 19eme siecle

Presse lyonnaise de 1790 a 1944