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Middle East Studies

Scholarly and research related resources for the region stretching from North Africa to Iran

Individual Ebook Reference Titles

Reference and Bibliographies -- hard copies


The Afghanistan Digital Library at NYU. "The project ultimately will digitize, catalog, and make available--in electronic form (website and CD-ROM)--Dari (Persian) and Pashto books published in Afghanistan between 1871 (the earliest known date of a published work) and 1930." Books are presented in the form of high quality images of each page.

The Shahnama Project at Princeton.

Omphaloskepsis provides works of ancient and non-western literature as pdfs.

Sacred Texts Hundreds of texts from dozens of relgions/traditions.

Ottoman Text Edition Project, Ottoman Text Archive Project, and Ottoman Historical Dictionary translations of and information about the Masnavi and Divan of Rumi.

The Gulistan of Sa'di

Persopedia is an Iranian culture and arts site with searchable poetry volumes by Hafez, Rumi, and others.

The Divan of Hafez

The Sufi Literature Archive

The Middle East Medievalists site provides links to several papyri and Geniza archives.