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Gender and Sexuality Studies

What is a Secondary Source?

The function of secondary sources is to interpret primary sources, and so can be described as at least one step removed from the event or phenomenon under review.

Secondary source materials, then, interpret, assign value to, conjecture upon, and draw conclusions about the events reported in primary sources.

These are usually in the form of published works such as journal articles or books, but may include radio or television documentaries, or conference proceedings.

-- Definition from UCSC "Distinguish between Primary and Secondary Sources." Accessed September 1, 2017.

Articles in Gender Studies Databases

Articles in General and Related Databases

Historical Periodicals and Newspapers

Newspapers at Brown Libguide: a guide to historical and current news resources from the Brown library and elsewhere.

Wellesley News: Founded in 1901, The Wellesley News is a weekly newspaper run by the women journalists of Wellesley College.

Historical Census Data