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CHEM0500 Inorganic Chemistry Lab

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Tips for Drawing Inorganic Structures

Drawing inorganic substances so that useful data is retrieved from Reaxys takes thought and patience; your first or second drawing may not get you what you need.

Reaxys has 3 structure editors installed: MarvinSketch, which requires Java, and GGA Ketcher and Dotmatics Elemental, which do not.  The structure editor will open in a new window, so check for popup blockers in your browser.  Mac users may want to utilize Firefox if structure editor is not working in Safari.

See MarvinSketch Help for instructions on drawing coordination compounds.  In MarvinSketch, the keyboard can be used to set a substitution count by typing s and the number of substitutions.  For example, for triphenylphosphine with a lone pair bond to a metal, type s4 on the P, then add the phenyls, and finally, the bond between the P and the metal.

With MarvinSketch, Reaxys looks for actual structures of ligands and counter ions; it does not recognize group abbreviations.

Additional information on searching for organometallic and inorganic compounds can be found in Chemical Information for Chemists, pages 136-141, or How to Find Organometallic and Coordination Compounds in Reaxys, pages 6-14, 16-17 and the examples on pages 25-38.

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