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CHEM0500 Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Tips for Success: Experiment #1

Structure Search

Reaxys can be accessed from the Electronic Resources box in this guide.  Remember, you must first authenticate with your Brown username and password, and then enter your Reaxys username and password.

Search for structure As drawn and check all the boxes, EXCEPT Include Tautomers.

Choosing an Article

Once you have found your substance, examine the results under the appropriate heading in the Available Data column of the Reaxys table: Physical Data > Melting Point.

For this experiment, select an article from 2014 to the present where the melting point is independent of recrystallization solvent (empty cell in Reaxys table), and is available electronically (full text) through our library.  You do not need to thoroughly read the article, but you must be able to cite the page number where the melting point is found.  For this experiment, do not select an article that is available in print in the library. 

There will likely be many that meet the year criteria, so be prepared to explain why you chose the paper that you did.

Do NOT choose an article in which the data is in the supporting information (according to Reaxys table).

Patents do not have a digital object identifier (DOI) and are not citable sources for this course.

Accessing the Full Text of an Article

Click the yellow 'Find it!' Find it! button to see if the full text of the article is available through our library.  This will either take you directly to the article or open a library page called easyArticle.  If you are brought directly to the article or there is a link under Available online on the easyArticle page, then full text is available electronically through our library.

Be sure to note the DOI of the article, which is available in one or more of the following places: the easyArticle page; the journal's page for the article, below the title and authors or in an 'About this Article' section; the PDF of the article.

Citing an Article

See the Citing the Literature page in this guide for details on how to cite resources for this course.

Note, the citation information in Reaxys may be incomplete and/or inaccurate.  Consult the journal's page or the article itself for complete and accurate information.