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This guide offers instruction and information about the latest version of this popular citation manager available to the Brown community.

Add References Automatically from a PDF

If you have the PDF version of a journal article, EndNote may be able to find the citation information and create a reference from the PDF. The journal must have the DOI included in the article within the first two pages for EndNote to be able to locate the citation information.  Many journals include the DOI, although several do not.

You may import a single PDF or a folder with several PDFs into EndNote and the reference will be created automatically.

To import a single PDF:

  • Select File -- Import File
  • In the Import File field, choose the PDF you wish to import
  • In the Import Option field, select PDF from the dropdown menu
  • Click on Import


To import a folder with multiple PDFs:

  • Select File -> Import ->Folder
  • In the Import Folder field, choose the folder you wish to import
  • In the Import Option filed, select PDF from the dropdown menu

Click on Import

Endnote will also import subfolders of PDFs within that folder and designate them to their own group.

PDF's and Endnote

About the PDF Viewer

If you have existing PDFs but cannot use the PDF import feature (shown in the above box), you can still attach a PDF to a reference. Either use the paper clip shown in your reference to browse to and attach a file, or simply drag the PDF from its folder into the EndNote record. 

In EndNote, you may open, preview, and annotate PDF files within the PDF Viewer pane.

  • Select a reference from the library and then click the Open PDF button (at right, above the pdf preview).

The PDF will open in a reference window. Add sticky notes, highlight, rotate, etc. To close, select File→Close Reference.

Finding Full Text

If you are not on the Brown wireless network you should sign in to the VPN to use this feature (otherwise you'll be limited to those articles which are freely available).  Download and run the VPN F5 Desktop Client.

Endnote can utilize a number of the Brown subscriptions to full-text journal article databases to retrieve the full text of citations in your library. The following instructions are for those on the campus network.

  1. If off-campus, make sure to run the VPN software program (see above).
  2. Highlight the references you'd like to retrieve. 
  3. From the menu at the top select References → Find Full Text → Find Fulltext
  4. OR use the full text icon, shown below
    (PC icon on left, Mac icon on right)



On the left-hand panel, you will see the Find Full Text search results, and paper clips will show up in the records of the items where full text was found.

This method is not 100% accurate. Occasionally EndNote will not be able to locate articles that Brown does have online. For instances where the full text does not come through, check the reference against the library's eJournals list before making an ILL request.