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This guide offers instruction and information about the latest version of this popular citation manager available to the Brown community.

Getting Started with Endnote Online

EndNote Online (formerly EndNote Web) is a free online, cloud-based service that allows you to store, share and organize your citations so that you can access them from any computer. 

Brown users are eligible for an enhanced version via the Web of Science that provides 2GB of storage and over 1000 bibliographic styles. To establish an account use the following steps:

  1. Go to the Web Of Science   from a computer connected to the campus network
  2. Click on the Endnote link at the top right of the page
  3. Click register on the pop up window


      4. You may use any email address but it is recommended that you use your one.

If you install the MSword plugin you will be able to take advantage of the cite-while-you-write (CWYW) features (see tutorial video below) using your EndNote Online library.

Note that from the EndNote tab in Word you will be able to select whether you wish to use your Online Library or a library from the desktop version of EndNote if you are using that as well. From the tab go to preferences then select the application tab from the pop-up window in order to choose which version of EndNote you wish to connect to that particular Word document.


Importing Citations from Databases

Search the article database via the web interface as you would normally. Select the references you want. If you have the option to export to Endnote Web, choose that option with Endnote Web open. The references should load automatically into Endnote Web.

If you do not have that option, export the references as a BibTex file and save on your computer (note: this is the thrid option in the library Discovery Tool when you click Export Record in Books & More).

In Endnote web Click “Import References” under the Collect tab. Click Browse to find the text file you saved. Choose BibTex from the list of databases  (and if you want you can Copy to Favorites). Click the Import button.

Every database works a little differently. EndNote has detailed instructions for many databases: Click Help, then Import Formats (in the right column under Collect References).

NOTE: There is a browser tool for capturing citations that can be added to your bookmarks bar for when searching on various databases and web pages.

Getting Help

EndNote Online has an excellent help page. (Just click “Help” in EndNote Online to get there.)

Or contact your endnote librarian.

Please also refer to the current EndNote Online training handout

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