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Why is an "Author Name" Important?

Your name as an author is key to establishing a unique public profile for dissemination and promotion of your research. Authors should use the same variation of their name consistently throughout their academic and research careers.

Consistency of an author name enhances the discoverability of research.
Uniqueness of an author name establishes a presence for an author.

How can authors find out if other authors have similar names? One tip is to do an author search in several databases such as PubMed, Scopus or Web of Science.

  • How many name variants are there for your name?
  • How many authors share your name?
  • How many authors with a similar name have publications in the same subject area?
  • Is it possible to distinguish publications from authors with similar names? 

If you find similarities in author names, consider adding your full middle name or using your middle initial to distinguish it from other authors.

There are several resources to help authors manage unique and consistent author names to ensure that their publications are associated with the correct author.

We highly recommend that authors create an ORCID iD, then check their profiles in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar Citations. An ORCID iD can be created using publication data from Scopus or Web of Science/Researcher ID.

Researcher ID

ResearcherID provides a solution to the author ambiguity problem within the scholarly research community. Each member is assigned a unique identifier to enable researchers to manage their publication lists, track their times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author variant issues. In addition, ResearcherID information is integrated with the Web of Science database and is ORCID compliant, allowing users to associate publications from Web of Science to ORCID profiles. Privacy settings for the ResearcherID profile are controlled by the individual.

Registration for ResearcherID is free.

ResearcherID members are able to register and link to ORCID profiles from their ResearcherID Profile.