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Library Resources and Services for Faculty

Services and information relating to faculty experience of the library and its resources

Resources for the Classroom

There are several ways in which the library can support your teaching:

  1. In-class sessions on general library research skills or specialized topics and resources suited to the needs of a specific course. See Subject librarians for more information.
  2. CANVAS allows you to link to library guides for your specific course or discipline. Settings > Navigation > Library Resources. Librarians can be added to your CANVAS page with a link to their profile page for a specific course in order to provide students with research consultations.
  3. Course-Specific or Program-Specific resource guides of both library holdings and other materials accessible to the students. For more information ask your subject librarian.
  4. Specialized spaces for digital scholarship work that can be booked for presentations or project based learning. These include the Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab and the Sidney Frank Digital Studio.
  5. Course reserves (OCRA) Library staff are available to assist you in organizing course reserves through the OCRA system. The library is committed to obtaining course materials including ebooks as well as various forms of media that will support your pedagogy.
  6. Collaboration with TAs and other course assistants Librarians can also work with your TAs and other course assistants in developing specialized resources including working with special collections and exhibits.
  7. Workshops Offered publicly or tailored to a specific course or group. Workshops cover a wide range of topics, including using citation managers, introduction to GIS, finding funding, and managing your data. Contact your subject librarian to make arrangements.

Research Consultations with students

Navigating this often complex and uncharted information landscape can be one of the most important skills that students acquire. The library is fully invested in being a partner with our faculty colleagues in training them (and you!) in this realm.

The benefits of these interactions can often go well beyond finding research materials and can include:

  • using specialized research tools (e.g. GIS, statistical packages, citation managers)
  • assistance with manuscripts and archives
  • working in other languages besides English
  • differentiating between scholarly materials, primary sources and other forms of information available to aspiring scholars

Librarians are always excited to work directly with students as they pursue research topics and other classroom assignments. We encourage all students whether they are in their first semester as undergrads or long-suffering ABDers to connect with the many different specialists in the library.

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