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Teaching with primary sources

Resources for primary source pedagogy at Brown and beyond.

Hay Library Quick Links

The John Hay Library is currently closed; virtual services are available through our website or by contacting Follow updates here.

Special Collections Staff (John Hay Library)

Teaching with special collections

The John Hay Library     

Special Collections that are part of the Brown University Library -- comprising more than 250 separate collections covering a wide variety of topics -- are housed at the John Hay Library and the Library Collections Annex, and are managed by special collections staff at the John Hay Library. Materials at the Hay Library are considered teaching collections, and are available to faculty for use in class projects, in-library class sessions, exhibits and course assignments. For description of individual collections, please see our Collections A to Z site.

While all special collections materials must be used in the Hay Library and cannot be checked out, special collections staff are more than happy to work with faculty to support curricular needs. Since many collections are now stored off-site at the Annex and there is heavy demand for our three classroom spaces, we request that faculty interested in using special collections for teaching provide at least two (2) weeks advance notice of a proposed class session to allow time for the staff to corral the materials in question and reserve space for the class.

NOTE:  The John Carter Brown Library is an independent rare book library that houses a single collection documenting history of the Americas from 1492 through the Age of Revolutions.  For information on using collections at the John Carter Brown Library for teaching, please contact the JCB staff.   


Overview of Special Collections