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HIAA1631 Authority, Identity, and Visual Culture in Colonial Latin America

Primary Sources

A primary source is an original record of an event, such as a diary, a historical newspaper article, public record, or scientific documentation. It can also be an original work of art or writings by the artist.

Primary Source Databases

The John Hay Library

The John Hay Library is our Special Collections library, containing a wealth of historical and primary source material. The curator for Latin American Collections is Patricia Figueroa. She may be contacted for help with using the collections.

The John Carter Brown Library

The John Carter Brown Library's catalog is included in Josiah and the collection may be used by Brown students. Included are 50,000 rare books, maps, and manuscripts, many of which have been digitized and can be found in our Luna Insight image database. Collections cover the all of the Americas. For information about using the JCB Library, please click on the Research link on the following site:

Primary Sources for Latinx History

Our Latin American Studies Librarian, Patricia Figueroa, has created a detailed subject guide to primary source materials in Latinx and Latin American history, which I heartily recommend:

Print of Native American couple in traditional dress with a vicuna

Collection Abrégée des Voyages Anciens et Modernes autour du Monde...: Native Americans with a vicuna. Engraving, 1808. John Carter Brown Library.