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HIST0253 Religion, Politics, and Culture in America, 1865 to Present

Religion has played an undeniable role in the contemporary American cultural landscape. This course lends some perspective on the present by investigating the various and, at times, surprising role religion has played in the shaping of American Culture

Abstracts and Indexes

Electronic Monographs

Under public health restrictions imposed to control COVID19, libraries are difficult access and you may have trouble finding books .  Below are some resources that may be especially helpful for identifying digital copy of books you are seeking for assignments pertaining to this class.  Please know that while access to the stacks is restricted, physical books owned by the Brown University Library that would normally circulate can still be ordered using the "Request Item" link in the BruKnow record and, once requested, will be made available for curbside pickup at the Rockefeller Library.  Please contact the Library staff for help in finding books.



Instructor Contact Information

OFFICE: Sharpe House 312
HOURS: Monday & Wednesday, 1 to 3 p.m. (sign up; meetings via Zoom)
Phone: 401- 863-6208 (office)