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HMAN 2400R Artistic Migrations and Reinventions of the Early Modern World

Artistic Migrations and Reinventions in the Early Modern World

This guide is dedicated to the seminar entitled Artistic Migrations and Reinventions in the Early Modern World, taught by Professor Shahzad Bashir (Middle East Studies & Religious Studies) and Professor Holly Shaffer (History of Art & Architecture). 

This guide provides various scholarly resources related to the topic of the seminar. Its scope, geographically, includes those areas of North Africa, Middle East, and Southwest Asia that are dominated by the languages of Arabic, Turkish and Persian (Farsi).

Horse and Groom


Horse wearing striped blanket with man wearing turban

'Abd al-Samad. Horse and Groom. Tabriz, ca. 1500-1550. Courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art.