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NEUR 1040: Neurogenetics


The following resources are aggregators of information about genes and conditions. They’re secondary sources that often provide a great deal of background information as well as links out to literature and molecular data.

In general these resources are organized by phenotype and genotype. You can look up a phenotype or condition and find a list of genes associated with it. Or, vice versa, you can search for a gene symbol and find a list of conditions or phenotypes. MedGen and ClinVar work together this way. MedGen is more focused on phenotype-centric information with links out to ClinVar for detail about the evidence behind clinical assertions about variants.

Genetic Testing Resources

The following resources have been developed to help clinicians and genetic counselors locate genetic tests, testing laboratories and genetic clinics. 

Other resources: Drugs & Public Health

Much information about how genetic variation impacts health is available in other resources referenced in this guide. The following are specifically focused on the topic of drug response and public health.