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GNSS1961 Transpacific Femininities

Course guide for class taught by Erica Kanesaka.

Citing in papers

For Brown Library books that can be checked out or read online, use this subject heading:

"Bibliographical citations."


People enjoying themselves in a garden setting

Unknown Korean. Elegant Gathering in the Western Garden. ca.1770-1829.  Los Angeles County Museum of Art via Creative Commons license.        

Preserving Web Links

Citation Managers and More

Brown supports several citation managers, including EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. Please see the page below for descriptions. links, and comparisons of the software.

Help with Writing Papers

Your librarian can help you with researching your paper, but what about the actual writing process?


Screen showing Japanese women on a gold bridge throwing fans into a river

Unknown Japanese. Women on a Bridge Tossing Fans into a River. ca. 1600-1629. Metropolitan Museum of Art via Creative Commons license.