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Gallup Poll Microdata

This guide explains how members of Brown can request extracts of Gallup Analytics microdata.


PLEASE NOTE: Requests for extracts will not be processed between July 12 to 28, 2024

The library has a subscription to the Gallup Analytics database, which provides summary information from a number of Gallup polls. As part of our subscription, the library receives microdata files for several of the surveys included in this database. These records represent individual, anonymized responses to survey questions that can be analyzed with statistical packages and scripting languages. Current Brown students, faculty, and staff can request custom extracts of specific variables and observations from these files for non-commercial research purposes.

Gallup Microdata Example in STATA


The following survey datasets are included in our microdata subscription; click on the links below for more information about each survey. All of the responses are anonymized and do not contain names or addresses. Basic demographic characteristics like age, sex, and race, as well as general geographic locations of respondents are captured in every series. There is a time lag or embargo between the time a survey is published and the time we receive the data; this lag ranges from a number of months to a number of years depending on the dataset.



License and Use Restrictions

Current Brown students, faculty, and staff may make requests for customized extracts of data for non-commercial research purposes. The library cannot share a dataset in its entirety; it must be an extract of specific variables and observations. Gallup data should not be included in a publication in a quantity or specificity that could reasonably be deemed to be a substitute for acquiring the data from Gallup. Creation of derivatives for non-commercial research purposes, such as summary tables, charts, and maps, is acceptable. All publications and derivatives must include attribution when Gallup data are included without modification, or are used as a direct source of analysis. Brown affiliates may not share Gallup datasets or documentation, in whole or part, with any third party. 

Request an Extract

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for extracts will not be processed between July 12 to 28, 2024.

You must be a current student, faculty, or staff member at Brown University to request extracts. This data is intended for researchers who wish to do statistical analysis on individual survey responses. If you are interested in summary statistics of survey responses, please use the library's Gallup Analytics database instead.

To request an extract:

1. Consult the code books and methodology documents to familiarize yourself with the datasets, to determine what you need. The World Poll Reference Tool is useful for that particular series (must register to use, but it's free).

2. Download the dataset variables spreadsheet which contains the full list of variables for the dataset you are interested in. In the select_vars column, add an X for each variable that you wish to include in your extract. You can resort the variables, but please do not change the column order or add any notes or additional data to the form. When you save the file, change the file name to add your initials or the date.

3. Submit the extract request form. You'll answer basic questions about your research, will indicate how to limit your extract to certain observations (rows), and will upload your Excel spreadsheet to limit the extract to specific variables (columns).

The library will respond to your request within 5 to 7 business days during the course of a regular fall or spring semester (request times vary in winter and summer). The datasets are stored in a STATA format, but we can output requests in other formats if needed.

Contact if you have any questions.

Gallup Variables Spreadsheet

Dataset Details

Details are current as of the last update in July 2024
Dataset Observations (rows) Variables (columns) Date Range 1 File for:
Confidence in Institutions 53k 164 1973-2024 all years
COVID-19 Panel Survey 192k 912 03/2020-09/2023 all years
Race Relations 7k 146 11/2018 all years
World Poll 2.7m 2,719 2006-03/2024 all years
US Daily Tracker 2008-2017 341k to 355k 142 to 237 2008-2017 each year
US Daily Tracker Politics and Economy 2018 76k 92 2018 whole year
US Daily Tracker Well Being 2018 116k 150 2018 whole year
US Daily Tracker Well Being 2019 10k 146 01/2019-08/2019 partial year
GPSS - Mood of the Nation 21k 241 Jan 2001-2024 all years
GPSS - World Affairs 25k 437 Feb 2000-2024 all years
GPSS - Environment 25k 316 Mar 2000-2024 all years
GPSS - Economy and Personal Finance 25k 323 Apr 2001-2024 all years
GPSS - Values and Beliefs 25k 357 May 2001-2024 all years
GPSS - Minority Relations 22k 308 June 2003-2016 all years
GPSS - Consumption 24k 336 July 2001-2023 all years
GPSS - Work and Education 25k 366 Aug 2001-2023 all years
GPSS - Governance 24k 262 Sept 2001-2023 all years
GPSS - Crime and Education 25k 317 Oct 2000-2023 all years
GPSS - Healthcare 23k 293 Nov 2001-2023 all years