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EDUC 1680: Histories of Race and Education in the United States

Black + African American Education Histories

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Brown v. Board of Education: A Resource Guide, Library of Congress > Digital Collections

In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court legally ended racial segregation in public schools, overruling the “separate but equal” principle set forth in Plessy v. Ferguson. This guide provides access to digital materials, websites and print resources.

The Black Teacher Archive, Harvard Library

The Black Teacher Archive (BTA) is a freely available digital portal centralizing materials created by professional organizations of African American educators, historically referred to as Colored Teachers Associations (CTAs). The primary holdings of the portal are 20th century serial publications by CTAs.

Brown v. Board of Education, National Archives

Educator resources related to the history of Brown v. Board of Education

Indigenous + Native Education Histories

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The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition > Search Database

The NABS Archive is a living project that will continue to grow and collect items related to the Indian boarding schools.

American Indian Boarding Schools, Digital Public Library of America

This collection of photos and documents shows what life was like for the many children enrolled in American Indian boarding schools.

Native American Boarding Schools Primary Source Set, Library of Congress

The Library of Congress offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library's vast digital collections in their teaching.

Latinx Education Histories

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Educating Change: Latina Activism and the Struggle for Educational Equity

This collection remembers the victorious struggle for bilingual education and educational equity for Mexican Americans. Parents, teachers, and youth dared to challenge child abuse and educational neglect in their schools. Powerfully illustrated through the lives of three Mexican/Chicana women—Ramona Medina, Socorro Gómez-Potter, and Yolanda Almaraz-Esquivel—Educating Change documents a history of Mexican women’s migration and activism, and considers its relevance for today’s US Latino communities, including Providence.

A Latinx Resource Guide: Civil Rights Cases and Events in the United States >> 1968: East Los Angeles Walkouts, Library of Congress

This Hispanic Reading Room research guide focuses on 20th and 21st century American court cases, legislation, and events that had important impacts on civil rights in Chicana/o/x, Hispanic, Latina/o/x, Mexican-American and Puerto Rican communities

Chicano/a Studies Education LibGuide >> Primary Sources, UCLA Library

Your guide to Chicano/a studies research at UCLA: Find articles, books, primary sources, and more. 

Asian American Education Histories

Open Access Digital Collections + Projects Beyond Brown

The Asian American Education Project

In 2005, Stewart Kwoh, a civil rights activist, saw a dire and essential need to tell the stories of Asian Americans in K-12 learning. Both he and Russell C. Leong of UCLA, were co-editors of a project to tell the stories of how Asian Americans impacted civil rights in the United States. This resource emerged out of their work. 

South Asian American Digital Archive

SAADA creates a space of belonging for South Asian Americans.

Chinese American, Mexican American, and African American Trailblazers in the Struggle for Equal Educational Opportunity, Eastwind: Politics and Culture of Asian America