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Images: Finding and Using

Important Note

RISD databases may not be accessed from off-campus by the non-RISD community. In order for a member of the Brown community to use these databases, you must go to the RISD Library, where you may access them from any computer. All members of the Brown community have access to the RISD Library with their Brown IDs.

General Resources (A Little Bit of Everything)



Philibert Debucourt. La Promenade Publiqué. Aquatint, 1792. Luna Collection.



Anonymous Illustrator. Buy Liberty Bonds... 1919. Luna Collection.

Architecture & City Planning


J. Hill after Thomas Hornor. Broadway, New York. Aquatint, ca. 1835. Luna Collection.

Fashion & Costume


Anonymous Illustrator. Nous Avons Notre Père de Gand... Engraving, 1815. Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection.



Publicity Release for Fox Studios, 1927. Luna Collection.



Unknown Photographer. An Emigrant Wagon Train. 1879. Luna Collection.