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Egyptology and Assyriology


Brown University is unique in having a Department of Egyptology and Assyriology. Here, one can pursue undergraduate or graduate study of ancient Egypt and/or the ancient Near East.  This guide is an introduction to resources that the Library provides for the study Egyptology and Assyriology, with links to online reference sources for both, as well as resources that are only available in paper. The University Library also holds some primary materials in Special Collection (the John Hay Library), such as a collection of cuneiform objects, and some fragments of the Egyptian Book of the Dead on papyrus and on linen. Note that you can also find some relevant tools in some other guides, such as ArchaeologyReligious Studies, the History of Art & Architecture, Classics, etc. 

Individual Databases for Egyptology & Assyriology

PHI : Greek Documentary Texts 
1996 edition (CD-ROM #7); the Packard Humanities Institute CD-ROM #7 contains over 140,000 Greek inscriptions and over 50,000 papyri. A selection of coptic texts is also available. (Available on Computer 2 in the Rockefeller Library computing cluster.) (Rockefeller Library)

Databases Key

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