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Sources for Market and Industry Trends

Getting Started with Industry Research

Industries and companies in the United States and North America are classified using the NAICS or SIC system. Many databases allow you to search for high-level reports or companies using these codes, but newer research systems, like Pitchbook, have emerging and proprietary classification systems that are useful when working in a new technology space.

NAICS Classification

Analyst Reports

Analyst reports are one way to help you understand how your technology is situated within an industry, market, or vertical without doing your own primary research on the market. We have a number of sources for analyst reports listed here.

Pitchbook Classification

Pitchbook can be used to locate investors and to search companies and disclosed investments. To effectively use the search it helps to know about the way they use the terms Industry, Vertical, and Keyword throughout the database.

  • Industries: All companies in Pitchbook are assigned an primary Industry, based on Pitchbook's proprietary classification system. Examples: Healthcare, Information Technology, Energy
  • Verticals: represent a specific area of focus for investment and may span across multiple Industries and are also based on a proprietary classification system in Pitchbook. Examples: 3D printing, AI, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality
  • Keywords: Keywords are assigned to companies by Pitchbook based on the content of the company description and proprietary keywords applied by Pitchbook analysts. Think of keywords in Pitchbook like hastags on twitter (except they are not user-generated)

Pitchbook: Emerging Spaces

Emerging spaces in Pitchbook are areas of new growth and investment that have not yet reached the level of a new vertical or industry. When you have a limited amount of time for preparing this section of your proposal, emerging spaces is a great place to start. It allows you to see trends and identify key companies and facts about the market trends - like total investment, average age of companies, news and key deals - all in one place.

There is a facet just for Healthcare, and the information in this area is always changing.

screenshot of pitchbook emerging trends screen with an arrow pointing at the "Healthcare" filter.

PatentScout: Filing Date

PatentScout makes it easy to see filing trends over time - use the drop down menu to select "filing date" to see a graphical display of applications over time.

patentscout filing date menu