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Critical AI Learning Community

Critical AI Learning Community

Critical AI Learning Community

Mondays from noon - 12:50 pm, starting February 5, 2024.
Location: Rockefeller Library Digital Scholarship Lab
Lunch is provided. Register online 

If you registered for the Learning Community last fall, you do not need to register again.

A participant-led learning community where students, faculty, and staff meet to explore and critique artificial intelligence technology, and its implications for learners and researchers throughout the Brown community. Learners of all levels and backgrounds are encouraged to share their experiences, questions, and ideas. The first two meetings will focus on basic knowledge of AI technology, and the group members will determine future meeting topics. 

The goals for this community include:

  • Become familiar with key concepts and terminology related to artificial intelligence
  • Learn the basics of using generative AI tools
  • Develop skills for evaluating and critiquing AI technology
  • Explore emergent applications of AI technology

Other potential outcomes, based on the directions set by community participants, could include:

  • Identify frameworks to assess AI tools
  • Develop pedagogy and teaching resources
  • Draft a white paper on the use of AI in academic settings (or other topics chosen by the group)

We shape this community together! We encourage all participants to also be contributors - to help design, inquire, and share throughout our lunchtime meetings. Our hope is that participants will discuss and propose their own ideas and share in the stewardship of this respectful, inclusive, and generative space.