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DNA Science: Forensics, Food, and Medicine: Module 3: Forensics

Using Google Scholar to Find Journal Articles

Google Scholar searches scholarly material available on the web, such as journal articles, books published by a university press, dissertations, and technical reports.

Watch this brief video to learn how to search Google Scholar.


While not scholarly sources, newspapers provide valuable, timely accounts of events as they happen as well as insightful opinions, editorials and commentary. 

Try searching the websites for newspapers in your state or city for articles, editorials or commentaries about DNA databases.

Listed below are links to several national newspapers, as well as an electronic database of national newspapers to which the library subscribes.  

Note on Access to Licensed Electronic Resources: License agreements for most of the Library's electronic resources permit access only to currently-enrolled Brown University students, staff, and faculty.  The licensed icon Licensed Icon next to a resource indicates that, if you have not already authenticated (e.g. through Canvas), you will be prompted to log in with your Brown username and password before gaining access to these licensed resources.


Websites can be valuable sources of information, but like any resource, it is important to evaluate a website prior to using information from it.  When evaluating a resource, consider its currency, authority (authorship), accuracy, and purpose or bias.

Here is a website that will be helpful for the assignment for Module 3.