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Drum-Set Resource Guide

Welcome to the Drum-Set Resource Guide, a selection of resources tailored to enhance your drumming skills and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced drummer, this guide offers a thoughtfully curated mix of online and offline information

The Drum-Set Resource Guide is a LibGuide that serves as a valuable repository for drummers seeking diverse online and offline materials to enhance their skills and knowledge. The guide covers various aspects, including online databases, websites, podcasts, streaming platforms, and scholarly resources.

How to use:
The Navigation tabs on the left allow you to toggle between the online and offline materials in the LibGuide as well as a shortcut back to the home screen. The online materials is just like it sounds and contains many resources that Brown offers as well as free resources on the web. The offline materials are what the library has in physical media. Included in each page are sub categories along the top. Please toggle each tab to see the related items within each subcategory. This is not a comprehensive list! Like any LibGuide this is simply a "guide" to start your journey into drum-set pedagogy. Have fun browsing and don't be afraid to explore.