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HIST0556 Sport in American History

When to Cite

You need to cite your sources whenever you:

  • Quote a sentence or passage.
  • Paraphrase or summarize ideas that are not your own.
  • Make specific reference to the work of others.
  • Utilize data or statistics.
You do NOT need to cite:
  • Well-known and undisputed facts or common knowledge.
  • Your own ideas expressed elsewhere in the same paper.

Citing History papers

Your professor has stated that you may use any citation format that you prefer, so long as you remain consistent. Below are some resources for the three most common formats in the humanities and social sciences; APA, MLA, and Chicago. For Brown Library books that can be read online, use this subject heading: "Bibliographical citations."

Chicago Manual of Style Format

Modern Language Association (MLA) Format

American Psychological Association (APA) Format

Citation Managers and More

Brown supports several citation managers, including EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. Please see the page below for descriptions. links, and comparisons of the software.

Help with Writing Papers