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HIST0970S Sports in American History

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A women's ice hockey team in 1921; public domain

When you are not sure where to start, put your topic into the search box on the Library website. The results will include books, journal articles, and more. 

Other search suggestions are listed below. 

What's What

Articles are part of Journals.

Journals are found either by title or through Databases.

Databases are found by title or subject.


Library Subject Guides are a good place to start looking for information. Each of the over 80 guides lists resources that are the best for a given subject. 

Databases A-Z list is good if you know the name of the database you want to use. 

eJournals A-Z list is good if you want to jump directly into a journal you want to use. Especially good if you have a citation and are trying to find a specific, known article.

Selected Databases