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Emerging Information Sources for Information Technology Professionals

This guide lists sources of emerging information for IT professionals aimed at specific communities and technologies. Suggest a resource by contacting me at email in profile below.

Staying Current

To stay current and on top of emerging news in information technology consider following industry leaders in the technologies that you use and experts in those tech spaces, including their personal websites, blogs, and other social media accounts, such as their Twitter, YouTube channels, and podcasts. For staying current or learning new skills check out Brown's subscriptions to these sites featuring short video tutorials:

O'Reilly Learning Platform [] (Brown University Log-in required) Formerly Safari Tech Books, this site offers access to Safari and O'Reilly e-books as well as video tutorials and platform for practicing new skills using their new Learning Paths []. Single-sign on is still being set up; in the meantime please use [].

LinkedIn Learning [] (Brown University Log-in required) Formerly, this site offers video content and tutorials covering wide range of technologies and skills.

Online Forums

Stackoverflow [] Online forum allowing users to ask questions of the community. Sort by "Hot" topics [], including Top Questions trending for the week or month.

Reddit [] Online forum with sub-forums (subreddits) for general topics, e.g., technology [] and programming [], as well as for specific communities built around technologies, e.g., JavaScript [] and react.js []. Create account and remove default subreddits and add your subreddits to your homepage or create multireddits to follow multiple topics of interest.

Hacker News [] Social news online community where content meeting certain number of views can be up and down-voted based on community response.

Blogs and Podcasts

Medium [] online publishing platform has general stories on technology [] as well as on technology topics with individuals serving as editors and indiviudals serving as contriubuting writers  e.g., JavaScript Scene [], as well pages of individual writers that you can follow that are experts on certain types of technologies. 

RunasRadio [] is a weekly podcast for Information Technology professionals working with Microsoft products.

Hanselminutes [] is a weekly podcast on tech topics.

Other Resources

GitHub [] View GitHub Trending [GitHub [] for viewing the GitHub repositories that have received the most stars and forks over the last 24 hours, week, or month.