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Resources for library research on physics- and astronomy-related topics

Brown Web Resources for Physics

Intellectual Property @Brown:

  • Brown Copyright and Fair Use
    Brown University expects that all members of the University community respect the rights of ownership of intellectual property by adhering to United States copyright laws. The principle of fair use as set forth in the copyright act provides essential limitations to the exclusive rights of copyright owners that support the University's mission of teaching, scholarship, research, and free inquiry. In an effort to balance copyright law with fair use principles, Brown University is committed to providing tools and resources to the University community to assist decision-making in this complex environment.
  • Brown Patent and Invention Policy and Copyright Policy
    New version dated May 27, 2005 for Brown inventors and authors.
  • FAQs: Brown Patent and Invention Policy
    Answers to commonly asked questions about inventions and patenting at Brown.
  • FAQs: Copyright Policy for Software
    Answers to commonly asked questions about inventions and patenting at Brown

Dissertations and Theses:

  • Theses and Dissertations Brown University Library
    Records for theses and dissertations, including undergraduate honors, master's,and Ph.D.'s, from 1893-2000; search by author, title, department, degree, and year and, when available, thesis/dissertation adviser.