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Sarah Evelyn

Director of Academic Engagement
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Sarah Evelyn

Rockefeller Library
My work supports students, faculty and staff in their efforts to maximize library resources in their research, teaching and learning initiatives. I offer workshops and consultations on topics such as library research skills, managing citations, and copyright. Contact me to arrange for class instruction and one-on-one consultations.

Areas of expertise include Open Educational Resources and Multiple Literacies.

My Guides

Last update: Sep 13, 2021 579 views
Evaluating Information
Last update: Aug 26, 2021 787 views
Finding Information
Last update: Jun 6, 2022 6390 views
Graduate Students
Last update: May 28, 2020 27 views
Last update: Aug 26, 2021 298 views
Last update: Mar 11, 2022 259 views
Last update: May 23, 2022 37 views
Last update: May 10, 2022 1273 views
Last update: Sep 10, 2021 156 views
Last update: Aug 24, 2021 482 views
Last update: May 19, 2022 57 views
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Research Help
Last update: Mar 11, 2022 0 views
Research Support
Last update: Jan 11, 2022 1494 views
Last update: May 19, 2022 6 views