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RefWorks Transition Guide

Transitioning from RefWorks and options for other managers.


Q: Will alumni lose access to RefWorks when Brown's subscription ends?
A: Yes, any Brown alumni using RefWorks will lose access when everyone else does.

Q: Can I maintain the folders I have in RefWorks when exporting references?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to directly export all your references with a folder structure intact. You can export folders one-at-a-time, however, and import them into a new reference manager in the same way.

Q. Can I maintain an individual account with RefWorks if I'm willing to pay after Brown's subscription ends?
A: No, RefWorks only offers institutional accounts at this time.

Q. When should I export my references from RefWorks?
A: We recommend exporting references from RefWorks by June 2019 at the latest. We may lose access sooner so please don't delay.

Q. Can I export all of my PDFs from RefWorks at once?
A: RefWorks can't export groups of PDFs, so you will need to download them to your computer and re-import them to a new reference management software.