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World War I: Resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections

Primary and selected secondary World War I resources from Brown University's Archives and Special Collections.

About this Guide

Le Guetteur (Champagne) Septembre 1918This guide brings together primary World War I materials found in University Archives and Manuscripts and across Special Collections holdings of the John Hay Library. 

Brown University Archives houses WWI era Photographs taken on campus; Scrapbooks from 1914-1918; WWI related Topic, Office, and Biographical Files; Necrology Reports and materials collected by Brown University's War Works committee, including letters written by 274 of Brown's servicemen.

The Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection houses a rich and varied array of visual material relating to the war. The collection includes wartime prints, posters, original artwork, postcards, photographs, scrapbooks, and a unique set of 45 albums, Cartoons of the European War, that contain 20,162 newspaper and magazine cartoons dating from 1914-1918.

The Harris Broadsides Collection contains many examples of patriotic poetry, mourning and memorial poetry, as well as materials relating to food conversation and rationing.

The Modernist's Journals project contains fully searchable online editions of wartime periodicals like Blast, The Crisis, New Age, Poetry, and Scribners.

The WWI Sheet Music Collection is comprised of over 1,800 titles that relate in some way to the events of the War and its impact on American society. 

Significant portions of all of these collections are available in Brown's Digital Repository.

The Hay's collections also include maps, atlases, and materials pertaining to the social aspects of the war, such as the work of civilians, the food and farming crisis, women and war work, medical care, race, relief efforts, the influenza epidemic, refugees, convalescents, and veterans.

Augmenting the many primary source materials featured are selected secondary resources, such as the university's wartime publications and the post-war memorial directory of Brown's servicemen "Brown University in the War." 

The guide is meant to be a useful resource for scholars studying the Great War, and in the navigation of the Library's many World War I holdings.

Image: Le Guetteur (Champagne) Septembre 1918. Watercolor by Jules R. Hervé.
Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection.