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Using Copyrighted Works

Find resources and recommendations on making legal and ethical use of copyrighted scholarly work.


In this guide are techniques and resources for making legal and ethical use of copyrighted materials in the context of academic pursuits. 

These are the questions we will address in this guide:

1. What are the rights granted by copyright (author's exclusive rights)?

2. Is the work you intend to use covered by copyright protection (copyright status)?

3. Is there an existing license (permission) for the work you wish to use?

4. Are there exceptions in the copyright law covering your use of the work?

5. Is your use covered by the provisions of Fair Use?

6. How can I get permission to use the work?

7. What if I can't get permission?

Questions 2-6 borrow from the in the excellent work done by Kevin Smith in his book Owning and Using Scholarship: an IP Handbook for Teachers and Researchers (Chicago: Assoc. of College and Research Libraries, 2014), especially Chapter 4: “Using Copyright Works in Scholarship”

Key resources for users of copyrighted works