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Consumer/Customer Research

Sources for research consumers/customers in market research.

Researching People and Markets

The sources on this page will help you answer questions like: Where is the greatest concentration of 55+ teachers? How much money does the average family spend on groceries? How has this changed over time? Where do renters live in Rhode Island? How many people have been diagnosed with asthma in my hometown?

Demographic Data and Statistics

For US based market research, most sources are repackaging and remixing data from the US Census Bureau. We have a comprehensive guide on working with US Census data directly and provide several additional sources below that provide alternate interfaces for exploring the data or combining it with third party research on topics like public opinion, health, the economy, and more.

Contact for assistance with your research, including locating demographic or national census data from international sources.

Data on Attitudes, Behavior, Spending, Opinions

More sources for data can be found on the Social Science Data Guide and consider looking in an Industry Report for published reports on consumers in a particular segment.

Public Data Sources

Below are examples of the rich source of public data. Contact if you would like to explore data with a librarian.

Consumer Behavior Journals