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University Archives and Manuscripts

Information about how to conduct research in University Archives and Manuscripts.

Research Using Theses and Dissertations

Q: How do I search for an Honors thesis?

A: If you know the author or title you may enter those terms in the University Library’s Search interface.  On the results page select the format “Dissertations”.

If you would like to conduct a general search of Honors theses:

  1. Click on Honors theses to view a list of theses. 

  2. You may limit by the following facets:

    • Department: Select from the Author facets in the navigation bar on the left.

    • Year: Select the Publication Year facet in the navigation bar on the left.  Adjust the date range.


Q: How do I search for a master’s thesis or dissertation?

A: If you know the author or title you may enter those terms in the University Library’s Search interface.  On the results page select the format “Dissertation”.


Q: How do I request a thesis or dissertation?

A: Locate the thesis in BruKnow and select "Request This" (near "Status") to have the thesis sent to the John Hay Library and placed on reserve in your name.  If the thesis is located offsite it will arrive at the John Hay Library in 2-3 business days.


Brown University Thesis and Dissertations (2008-present) in the Brown Digital Repository (BDR) 
Brown University Library archives dissertations in accordance with the Brown Graduate School policy.


Other Search Tools

      1893-2000  Historical database of theses and dissertations (metadata only): The Brown University Theses and Dissertations database includes over 15,000 records for dissertations written and submitted in fulfillment of Brown University degree requirements from 1893 to 2000. Included are undergraduate honors theses, master's theses, and doctoral dissertations. Records include the author's name, thesis title, degree awarded, year, granting department, and when available, thesis advisor.

      1893-2011 ProQuest 


Honors Theses About Brown University

Please contact to have any of these Honors theses placed on reserve for you.

Bach, Joel. Brown is Green. 1991.

Bass, Pamela Dale. Women's Basketball: A reflector of the social evolution of women at Brown. 1991.

Bateman, Jonathan. Three Anniversaries and a university : the meaning of Brown’s celebrations in 1864, 1914 and 1964 . 2013.

Berry, Chelsea Leigh. Smuggling in the public eye : perceptions of illicit trade and Colonial identity in Rhode Island, 1755-1765. 2012.

Brown, Jesselyn Alicia. Sexual violence at Brown University. 1992.

Clark, Stephanie. The Evangelist and the educator : The abolitionist philosophies of Theodore Weld and Francis Wayland . 2007.

Corpuz, Veronica G. N. Brown woman - Brown voice. 1996.

Doescher, Eric Scott. First family of fortune : The rise of Nicholas Brown and Company, 1750-1770. 2006.

Dreher, Robert. Scholarship aid at BU 1859-1867: An exploration of Institutional purpose and social values. 1978.

Elkes, Amy. Should Brown become a green investor? The possibility of instituting environmentally responsible money management at Brown University. 1999.

Farman-Farmaian, Ayshe. Producing the first Brown student cable event : artificial Turf. 1983.

Garnett, Leah. Pruning the ivy : 80s financial aid discourses at Brown. 1991.

Gass, Adrianne. Should Brown compost more of its organic waste stream?. 2000.

Gorman, Laurel. Fox Point : the disintegration of a neighborhood. 1998.

Griffin, Mary E. Mount Hope Courts : a social/physical evaluation. 1973.

Hanley, Kate Truslow. Management of hazardous chemicals at Brown University. 1987.

Harbour, Catherine Kelley. Energy-efficient Renovation of houses: possibilities for renovations at Brown University. 1992.

Harlow, Nathaniel E. Arsenic contamination in Providence’s East Side. 2002.

Healy, Grace. The Dissolution of the Reserve Officer Training Corps : Columbia, Harvard and Brown During the Vietnam War. 2014.

Hogans, Jacqui. The architectural program of Brown University, 1946-1958 : the work of Thomas Mott Shaw. 2003.

Hurst-Hiller, Caleb. Campus activism in an era of upheaval: Deconstructing institutional reform at Brown University, 1966-1969. 2004.

Hyland, Katherine. Progress toward gender equity in intercollegiate athletics during the 1970s : case studies and comparison of four institutions pursuing different pathways to coeducation. 2011.

Jones, Deborah P. Choosing Genes : the eugenics of Herbert Eugene Walter. 1994.

Kim, Clare. Math derived, math applied : the establishment of Brown University’s division of applied mathematics, 1940-1946. 2011.

Kimball, Matthew. Francis Wayland: Moral reformer at Brown University. 1977.

Klein, Jeffrey A. Packaging persuasion : the incorporation of social marketing into Brown University’s recycling communications. 2001.

Lamm, Katherine. Educating citizens in a changing America : Brown University, 1764-1860. 2007.

Lenoir, Andrew. Dead Lies Dreaming : H.P. Lovecraft and the other side of modernity. 2012.

Lim, Yannling.  The Antique clocks at Brown University. 2003.

Marmon, Jesse.   In the best interests of women - A history of the merger of Pembroke College and Brown U. 1997.

Maynard, Adam and Mark Towill. Organizing the 2010 campus conservation national at Brown University. 2011.

Miller, Mary Ann. "The Pembroke Problem": Defining women's place in Brown University 1891-1928.  1985.

Miller, Steven J. The Final Days - Mandatory retirement Legislation and Brown University. 1978.

Moniz, Amanda B. Zachariah Allen : a Providence gentleman in nineteenth-century America. 1995.

Muller, Brook W. The applicability of passive architecture to the design of buildings at Brown University. 1987.

Nolan, Elizabeth M. University planning and decision making: the history of Brown University's Student Center. 1984.

Ostrowski, Tracy. Designing effective strategies for environmental education : an evaluation of the center for environmental studies’ partnership with Providence public schools. 1997.

Pettit, Nathaniel P. A Home for the Liberal Ideal: Brown University Housing Policy & the East Side of Providence, 1937-1997. 2020. (view this item online)

Power, Robert C. Rhode Island Republican politics in the gilded age : The G.O.P. machine of Anthony, Aldrich and Brayton. 1972.

Qualls, Alyssa A. Community building : The Azorean, Cape Verdean, and Continental Portuguese in Fox Point, Rhode Island 1900-1940. 1993.

Reidel, Jacob. Unbuilt Brown. 2002.

Reinke, Peter. “We ran the same course our fathers have run” : An analysis of labor relations at the Brown & Sharpe Manufacturing Company, 1877-1982. 1994.

Robb, Thomas N. A study of slang at Brown and Pembroke college. Independent Studies 1967/68, v.4.

Ross, Theresa. “There goes a man” : E.Benjamin Andrews and the presidency of Brown University, 1889-1898 . 2002.

Schermerhorn, Peter. Competing visions : historic preservation and institutional expansion on Providence's East Side, 1937-1966. 2005.

Senville, Wayne. Jewish identification among Brown University undergraduates: Two surveys. 1973.

Silverman, Allison Lipshutz. Potluck in the Bear’s (Gar)Dens : an investigation into campus farming to develop the urban agriculture plan for Brown University. 2005.

Spiegelman, Kathy. Architectural renewal on College Hill. 1973.

Stafford, Carolyn. From college to university: The struggle of Brown University 1860-1897. 1982.

Watkins, Allison. The environment and Brown’s Purchasing Practices : can environmentally preferable purchasing work at Brown?. 2005.

Wolf, Charles Benno. The problem of academic reputation at Brown University in the 1930's. 1972.


Master's Theses and Dissertations about Brown

Please contact to have any of these Honors theses placed on reserve for you.

Masters Theses

Littlefield, Katharine, M.A. 1946

Title: The Stevens transcripts in the John Carter Brown Library ....


Brown, Marion Elizabeth, M.A. 1954

Title: Solomon Drowne, student : his papers and journals, 1753-1774, ed. ....


Chucnin, Walter, M.A. 1941

Title: Predicting freshman averages at Brown university ....


Pass, Nathan Edward, M.A. 1941

Title: Analysis of repeat cases on the Graduate record examination, level A, at Brown university ....


Dunn, Frances E., M.A. 1942

Title: Comparative performance of honors and regular concentration students of Pembroke college in Brown university on the graduate record examination profile tests ....


Porter, Margaret Mary, M.A. 1943

Title: Iowa physics placement examination. Comparative study of scores made by freshmen of Brown university and Pembroke college on the Iowa physics aptitude test, new series revised ....


Smith, Esther Hervey, M.A. 1943

Title: A study of elective hours in relation to distribution, concentration, and scholarship at Pembroke college ....


Barlow, Frederick George, M.A. 1947

Title: The performance of veterans at Brown University ....


Staats, Dean Roy, M.A. 1948

Title: A prognostic study in the Veterans College of Brown University ....


Carson, Leslie Francis, M.A. 1949

Title: A study of the Veterans College students transferred to the regular college, Brown University ....


Cook, Phyllis Arden, M.A. 1951

Title: Predicting first semester averages for engineers at Brown University : a study of the efficacy of separate predictive techniques for graduates of public and non-public schools : data from the classes of 1951, 1952, 1953 ....


Greenwood, Helen Keenan, M.A. 1951

Title: Predicting first semester averages for public and private school graduates : Brown University ....


Nazarian, John, M.A. 1956

Title: A comparative study of IC and other student groups at Brown University ....


Finkelstein, Augusta Pollack, M.A. 1957

Title: A comparative study of the academic performance of public and private secondary school graduates at Brown


Hance, Eleanor Mary, M.A. 1961

Title: Predicting concentration choices in biology, history, and literature from freshman test records at Brown


Campbell, Susan Harbottle

Title: A study of achievers and underachievers at Brown University .... M.A. 1962





Goldstein, Michael Saul

Title: The effect of social class background on students at Brown University .... Ph.D. 1971


Linberg, Catherine Ellen

Title: From the inside out: Sock and Buskin at eighty-five …. Ph.D. 1985