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East Asian Studies


Happy New Year 2024! 

I hope everything is going well with all of you.  I am available on site and virtually to help you with your research questions and resources. Please send me an email at should you have any questions, or need to set an appointment for research consultation. We can set a personal or Zoom meeting if needed.  Thank you and have a great season!


Chinese Classic Ancient Books 中華經典古籍庫 This link opens in a new window

Daozang 道藏 (Daoist Canon) This link opens in a new window


This database contains two parts: (1) Zhengtong Daozang 正統道藏 (Daoist Canon of the Ming Zhengtong era) (1513 titles) and (2) Daozang Jiyao 道藏輯要 (Digest of Daoist Canon) (299 titles).

Interdisciplinary Databases and Indexes

Databases and Other Resources for East Asian Studies

See individual research-resources guides for details.

Dissertations and Theses


Films related to Asian Studies (from Kanopy Films and Documentaries)

Digital Humanities Projects


A useful guide complied by the George Washington University

China's Cultural Revolution in Memories: The CR/10 Project @ University of Pittsburgh

Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteer Data @ University of Pittsburgh

Ivy Plus Libraries' Digital Projects on East Asia

Depicting Glory: Rare Objects from the Late Qing to the Republic of China
An ongoing DH project led by Dr. Zhuqing Li, Brown University

Digital scholarship resources for East Asian studies and beyond by University of Texas Libraries
Compiled by Committee for Technical Processing, Council for East Asian Libraries. Based on resources presented at the International conference on the cyberinfrastructure for historical China studies at Harvard China Center in Shanghai in March 2018 and the Digital Humanities Asia 2018 Summit at Stanford University in April. 2018.

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Requesting Articles

How to request articles not available online at Brown.

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