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ENVS 0110 Humans, Nature, and the Environment: Addressing Environmental Change in the 21st Century

Course guide for Humans, Nature, and the Environment: Addressing Environmental Change in the 21st Century

Getting Started

Use the links on this page to find journal articles, books, white papers, news and other information related to environmental change.

Research Tutorials

Articles, Books, News and more with BruKnow

BruKnow is the Brown University Library's simple and powerful search tool for finding books, ebooks, articles, journals, videos, digital media, and more. The link below takes you straight to BruKnow, but you can also search directly from the library. homepage.

You can begin your search by using the box on the library home page. Here you have the option of doing a general search of most resources or using the buttons beneath the box to limit to Books and Ebooks, Ebooks only, Articles only, or Journals by title.


BruKnow Search Box on Library Homepage

When you leave the library homepage and move to the catalog itself, you'll find that, as you begin to type into the BruKnow search box, you'll be offered the following search options:

  • Everything
  • Library Catalog
  • Articles
  • Brown Digital Repository

You can also click the magnifying glass to bring up a dropdown list of search scope options or use the Advanced Search button for even more options.

What do these terms mean?

Everything: searches the library catalog, journals, articles, open access materials, images, archival materials, cataloged databases,  citations collected from scholarly e-resources, and resource guides (including guides like this).   You'll also find 'Best Bets' for often searched for items, including popular library web site pages. Note: Currently, the "Everything" search does NOT include the BDR.

Library Catalog: searches only the physical and electronic holdings in our catalog, including journal titles, DVDs, sound recordings, dissertations, musical scores, and more.

Articles: searches journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, book chapters, and more.

Brown Digital Repository: searches digitized materials in the BDR, including library collections, faculty and student work, dissertations and theses, and more.

                Tet Box: BruKnow Main Search Options

Full BruKnow Tutorial