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Native Languages Research Guide

This guide provides resources for researching Native and Indigenous languages and supports NAIS 0100 - Learning our Native Languages.


This guide provides information and resources for research on Native and Indigenous languages. 

Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island, on lands that are within the ancestral homelands of the Narragansett Indian Tribe. It was in Rhode Island that English settler Roger Williams, with the help of Narragansett translators and interpreters, produced the 1643 publication A Key into the Language of America. This publication is the first ever printed transcription of a Native American language into English and serves in part as a dictionary of the Algonquian dialect spoken by the Narragansett.

This guide provides information related to:

  • How to search BruKnow for language material at Brown and beyond
  • Databases, dictionaries and online resources
  • Local resources for language learning and language reclamation work

Brown University's land acknowledgement and additional information about the University's commitments to the Narragansett Indian Tribe and all Indigenous communities can be found on Brown's Land Acknowledgment webpages