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Open Access

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Brown University Memberships & Open Access Publishing Discounts


Brown University has agreements with these five publishers that cover the entire cost of fees for publishing immediate open access in their journals.

  • Cambridge University Press (CUP) Brown corresponding authors. Read more about process here.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)Brown corresponding authors. Read more about process here.
  • ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Brown corresponding authors. Read more about process here.
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL): Brown corresponding authors. Read more here.
  • Microbiology Society (MS) Brown corresponding authors. Read more here.

Other Memberships and Discounts

  • Brown University community members currently receive a 15% discount on open access fees charged to authors by BioMed Central (BMC) and SpringerOpen. Read more about author process here.
  • Brown has an institutional fellowship with BMJ Case Reports. Faculty, staff, and students do not have to pay individual fellowship fees when submitting case reports to the journal (n.b., there is an additional optional fee for authors opting into open access after submission). Read more about the process here. Contact open@brown to get the fellowship code for free submission.