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Organizing and Creating Information

Participate in the scholarly conversation ethically and efficiently. Learn more about citation management and attribution in the production of new knowledge.


personal with quote thought bubble Citation and Attribution

Citation and attribution are the foundation of scholarly conversation.

undefinedLiterature Review

Learn practical strategies and organizational methods for writing a literature review.

zotero logoZotero

Manage references with Zotero.


Manage references with EndNote.

Learning Objectives

This guide was designed to help you:

  • Recognize that information has social and scholarly value
  • Identify the traditional and emerging processes of information creation and dissemination in the scholarly conversation
  • Give credit to the original ideas of others through attribution and/or formal citation conventions
  • Explain and compare the distinguishing characteristics of copyright, fair use, open access, and the public domain
  • Understand that intellectual property is a social construct that varies by culture
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Icons by Noun Project: citation by Nithinan Tatah, TH licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents organizing and using information; Learning by Iconstock, TH licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents literature review.