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Guide to Searching

Develop a search strategy using keywords and boolean operators. Dig deeper to learn about different ways to search and locate information.


  Asking Research Questions

    Find clues in your research question to help you get started searching for information.


venn diagram with three circles  Search Tips

   Refine your search with keywords and boolean operators. Discover how search logs can help you reflect and improve your searching skills.

quotation marks around a screenCitation Searching

Search for citations when you want to analyze literature in a way that keyword or subject searching does not allow.


This guide was designed to help you:

  • Recognize that curiosity is an important part of developing research questions and learning new investigative methods
  • Understand that locating information is a strategic, nonlinear, and iterative process that requires the evaluation of a broad range of information sources as well as adaptive searching skills and the flexibility to pursue alternate strategies as you encounter new information
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Icons by Noun Project: Reference by Justin Blake licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents asking questions; Venn Diagram by Chance Smith, US licensed under CC BY 3.0 represents search tips; Quote by priyanka from the Noun Project.