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Student Life and Activities at Brown

Junior Burials

A student custom in 1850s and 60s, in which the junior class with great pomp and circumstance held funerals for their textbooks.

Broadsides. Programs for the burials in University Archives' Broadsides.  E-mail for list.


Junior Burials, Encyclopedia Brunoniana

“Junior Burials, 1853-59,” Brown, Robert Perkins, et al. Memories of Brown : Traditions and Recollections Gathered From Many Sources. Providence, R.I.: Brown Alumni Magazine, 1909.

Various articles in the Brunionian:

Brunonian (catalog entry)

Brunonian, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Student Exhibitions

A public performance to display the talents of the students, from 1790s to 1880s

Broadsides. Programs for the exhibitions in University Archives' Broadsides (including derogatory mock programs circulated by the students).  E-mail for list.


Junior and Senior Exhibitions, Encyclopedia Brunoniana

References in the Brunonian:

Brunonian (catalog entry)

Brunonian, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Brown, Robert Perkins, et al. Memories of Brown : Traditions and Recollections Gathered From Many Sources. Providence, R.I.: Brown Alumni Magazine, 1909. References to exhibitions.

An index in the University Archives of the titles of the speeches which gives an idea of the 19th century studies.  E-mail for list.

Other student life possibilities

Collections of student diaries, 1930s to 1920s (MS-1R-1) and student poems, 1790s to 1880s (MS-1R-3) give insight into student life.  Of particular interest, the letters of future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Charles Evans Hughes and future Brown president William H.P. Faunce.

Brown University student diaries, 1820- (bulk 1820-1921),  MS-1R-1

Brown University poets, 1790s to 1880s, MS-1R-3 (E-mail archives@brown.for list)

Office of Student Activities files, 1938-circa 1951, OF-1Q-1

Brown University Christian Association records, 1881-1969, OF-1Q-C1.  The Christian Association files cover the years 1908-1967 and touch on subjects that go beyond religion, such as disarmament, conscienscious objectors, student outreach to neighboring communities, etc.

Student activism

The protests of the 1960s relating to war and minority issues, and subsequent Third World issues.


Third World Student Activism and Protest at Brown, MS-1Q-T1. Historical Documents from 1967 to 1991


Contemporary clippings and notices in Topic Files, 1-R                                                  

Peoples Print Shop Publications, MS-1R-5.  Publications during the student strike of May-June 1970.

Reference Sources

Encyclopedia Brunoniana:

African Americans

Student Protests

Third World Center (Brown Center for Students of Color)

Tougaloo College

Student / Alumni / Faculty Biographies

A collection of over one-hundred scrapbooks kept by faculty, students and alumni during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Most contain newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, and a wide variety of ephemera.

University Archives Biographical files.

Brown Women Speak: Alumnae Oral Histories. An ongoing project, begun in the 1980s by the Pembroke Center, consists of interviews of Brown University women.

University Publications

Brown Alumni Magazine, 1900-present (alumni magazine)

John Hay Library Reading Room

John D. Rockefeller Library:

Online (1998-present):

Online via Internet Archive (pre-1998)

Brown Daily Herald, 1891-present (student newspaper)

John Hay Library Reading Room

Online (select years):

Online (2004-present):

Pembroke Record, 1922-1970 (Pembroke student newspaper)

University Archives

Online (1923-1970):

Liber Brunensis, 1870-present (yearbook)

John Hay Library Reading Room

Brun Mael, 1909-1970 (Pembroke/Women’s College yearbook)

John Hay Library Reading Room

Student Publications

An abbreviated list of publications by Brown University students.

Brunonian (1829-1831; 1868-1918) The Brunonian, the first student publication, appeared in July 1829.  The title, Brunonian, was used from time to time by other publications, including a rival publication to the Brown Paper in 1866, a publication of Delta Upsilon in the late 1930s, a publication of Alpha Delta Phi in 1963, and the only issue of “a university publication prepared for all Brown alumni in military service” in August 1944.

Brunoian, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Brunonian (catalog entry)

Sepiad (1901-1932) Sepiad was the literary magazine of the Women’s College, which first appeared in April 1901, brought forth by the efforts of Florence Rafter ’01, the first editor, Jessie Wheeler ’01, and Grace Jones ’01.

Sepiad, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Sepia (catalog entry)

Dust (1934) Dust was a short-lived student publication of two issues only in January and May of 1934, described in the first issue as “an experiment printed by the editors under the tutelage of E. A. Johnson Printing Company.

Dust, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Observer (1949) The Observer was described as a “fortnightly publication by the students of Brown University with the cooperation of the English Department and the approval of the Committee on Student Activities” when it first appeared on January 17, 1949.

Observer, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Issues (1971-2009?) Issues came out for the first time on January 4, 1971, a fourteen page journal featuring the new curriculum and resistance to the Vietnam war and including an article by William Stringfellow and a sermon by Daniel Berrigan.  Synecdoche, a small press and literary magazine, took over Issues Magazine in the 2010s.

Issues, Encyclopedia Brunoniana (history)

Issues, Classified/Publication Files (1-P, University Archives)

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