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Weird Fiction Collections at Brown University Library

A guide to manuscript and print collections of weird fiction, science fiction, and fantasy in the special and circulating collections at Brown University Library.


Welcome to Brown University Library's guide to Weird Fiction Collections. 

This guide covers Weird Fiction to the present, including New Weird, Eco Weird, Dark Fantasy and other related genres.

To contact the library with questions about any of these collections, please email

For information on the H.P. Lovecraft archive, visit the collection page on this guide.


For information on accessing materials at the John Hay Library, please visit our guide to visiting Special Collections.

Manuscript Collections

Collections Not Fully Arranged

The collections listed below do not yet have an online finding aid, but are nonetheless accessible to interested researchers. Partial typescript inventories may be available for each collection. Please contact for assistance.

Book Collections

Freely Available Digital Collections

Serial Collections

Weird Fiction Subject Headings

Because weird fiction is not often considered a discrete genre of its own, weird fiction can be found cataloged under many different subject headings. Here are some of the subject headings one can find weird fiction.