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This guide offers instruction and information about this popular open source citation manager available to the Brown community.

File Storage

Zotero Storage provides online storage space for your Zotero files, allowing you to synchronize PDFs, images, web snapshots, and other files among all your devices, share your Zotero attachments in group libraries, and access files via your online library on

The Brown University Library provides unlimited storage to institutional users. To access this service, make sure that your email is listed on your account. It can be a primary or secondary email address. 

To add an email to your account:

  • Sign in at
  • Click Settings
  • Then click Account 
  • Look for the heading "Manage Email Accounts" or similar, and add an alternate email.

If you had a personal account prior to coming to Brown and were paying for storage, your subscription will be paused as long as the Brown email address is associated with your account. Your subscription will resume once you depart Brown. If and when you leave Brown, if you are currently using more space than Zotero provides for free, you'll have the option to pay for storage from Zotero, or download your files and save them in an alternate location. Your citation information, notes, collections, and tags will always be available to you even if you do not pay for storage.

Storage in Group Libraries

Storage in a Group Library draws from the account of the group owner. If they have unlimited storage, the group library, and all shared members, will also have unlimited storage in that library.