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CHEM0350 Organic Chemistry Lab

Required Sources for CHEM 0350

Tips for Finding Chemical Information

Nomenclature, the names of organic compounds, is the least desirable way to search for chemical and physical properties because naming is not standardized. Therefore, the following approach is recommended when searching for chemical information:

1. Structure search: Most effective method of searching.  Not an option in all resources.

*Please note: some structure editors accept condensed structures, whereas others require you to draw out the substituents.  If you cannot get the structure editor to accept a condensed structure, try drawing out the Lewis structure.

2. Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS RN): Unique identification number assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service of the American Chemical Society to each chemical substance.  Highly accurate way of finding data about a substance; however, never 100%, especially when used in databases not produced by the CAS.  Example: 64-19-7.

3. Molecular formula: Effective method, but may return a long list of results.  Example: CH3COOH.

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Electronic Resource Access

Users must authenticate both on-campus and off to gain access to licensed electronic resources.

On Campus: Use Brown's Secure Wireless Network.  Log-in with Brown username and password when prompted.

Off Campus: Log-in with Brown username and password when prompted.  Most of the library's licensed electronic resources utilize EZProxy; some require Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Exceptions noted in the resource description.  VPN is available from the Brown Software Catalog.  Click on the link below for more information on accessing the library's electronic resources from off-campus.

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