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Clinical resources

Medical Education Librarian

Erika Sevetson's picture
Erika Sevetson
Health Sciences Librarian
Champlin Memorial Library
Alpert Medical School
222 Richmond St., rm 155

or mail:
Box G-M155, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
(401) 863-5150

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If you only have a few minutes to look for information, here are some places to get started

<5 Minutes:

DynaMed Plus: clinical summaries
Isabel: DDx/decision support tool (integrates with DynaMed)
Cochrane: systematic reviews
Clinical Pharmacology: drug info
Red Book Online: (Pediatric Infections Disease)

5 - 30 Minutes:

PubMed Systematic Reviews & Clinical Queries: filtered searches by study type
TRIP: metasearch, finding guidelines, systematic reviews, and study-type filters
ClinicalKey:1000+ medical textbooks (Ferri's, Cecil & Goldman, more)
AccessMedicine:40+ medical textbooks (Harrison's, Diagnosaurus, more)

30 - 60 Minutes:

Google Scholar
Web of Science: cited references

Core Health Sciences Resources
Complete listing of health sciences resources from the Brown Library

Article Databases
See the Brown Library A-Z Database list for databases covering areas such as sociology, urban studies, gender studies, and more.

Point of Care and Textbooks
Drug resources
UpToDate is no longer available through the Brown University Library as of July 31, 2018. Medical students and clinical faculty with hospital privileges will be able to access UtD via the appropriate hospital intranet. More information is available at "Change in Access to UpToDate."

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